Client Services @ The Hub

Client Services consists of two main sections; the Personal Development Programme and the Employment Programme. These programmes fit together flexibly to allow us to provide each of our clients with a holistic, individual service tailored to their needs. Individual empowerment is at the heart of all that we do. We have a range of “tools” that can be used within each programme according to need/choice. No two individuals are the same and that is why we have structured our service in this way.

Here is an explanation of what we have talked about so far: Client Services: everything we do to promote recovery on an individual basis; Programmes: differentiation between stages of recovery; Tools: activities used within programmes that have a purpose.

When we receive a completed referral an initial appointment is set up to establish client motivation and which of the three programmes best meets their current functioning levels. Click here for the referral procedure. We want to establish a relevant entry point to our service because our aim is to engage with as many people as possible. We can best do that if people start at a place that’s comfortable for them. The following is an in-depth explanation of our three key programmes:

Personal Development Programme

This programme is the starting point for many clients who attend The Cellar Trust and are still trying to overcome the effects of their mental health problem.  The programme is flexible to fit in with individual needs, although some aspects of the service will be the same for all clients. Our aim is to help clients develop the abilities and skills to enable them to move on with their lives.. more

Employment Programme

The Cellar Trust’s Employment Programme helps people who want to explore the opportunities they may have if they enter the world of paid employment. We offer a flexible service to suit people who have been out of work for many years, who have never had a paid job or anything in between.  more

Referral Procedure

Please complete and return a referral form which can be downloaded here

Please read our referral policy and procedure!